When you become a member of the Cincinnati Art Club, you become part of a heritage which extends back to the Golden Age of art in Cincinnati. Membership offers many opportunities to grow as an artist including:

  • Two sessions of life drawing per week
  • Monthly dinner meetings with live demos or lectures
  • Exhibit opportunities
  • Two critique sessions per month
  • Website exposure for all members
  • Weekend workshops
  • Pursuing your art with a group of like-minded artists

To Apply for Membership

You are encouraged to download a Membership Application and join today! Or email your name, address and phone number to our Membership Chairperson. They can send you an application and explain the process to you or make arrangements for you to attend a Dinner Meeting or Sketch Group before you make your decision to become a member.

Annual Dues

For continuing membership:

Associate Membership $115.00 Signature Membership $130.00 Out-of-Town Membership $45.00

Pro-rating of Dues:

Applies one time to new membership applications only. The Membership Chairperson will be happy to let you know the proper amount of dues to submit with your application or you can use the following table:

If you submit your Application anytime in the month of:

May: $115.00 June: $115.00 July: $115.00 Aug: $115.00 Sept: $115.00 Oct: $100.00
Nov: $85.00 Dec: $70.00 Jan: $55.00 Feb: $40.00 Mar: $25.00 Apr: $115 (first year’s dues plus one month free)