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Cincinnati Art Club Membership is open to anyone who appreciates the visual arts. Our members have been leaders in their professions, forces in the community and warm in their welcome for those who share their passion. Become part of  Greater Cincinnati’s largest group of women and men who promote the love of visual arts through education and community outreach.

Here’s where you can find an artistic home–

To Apply for Membership

You are encouraged to download a Membership Application and join today! Or email your name, address and phone number to our Membership Chairperson. They can send you an Application and explain the process to you or make arrangements for you to attend one of our activities before you make your decision to become a Member. For more information, see below–

Annual Dues for continuing Membership

$115.00 Signature


Associate Membership

Anyone, beginners, professionals and even non-artists can be an Associate Member. You will need to submit an Application, pay the appropriate dues and wait for approval by the Board of Trustees. Associate Member artists are provided at least one show per year to exhibit their work.

Pro-Rating of Dues

Applies one-time to new Membership Applications only. The Membership Chairperson will be happy to let you know the proper amount of dues to submit with your Application or you can use the following table–

If you submit your Application anytime in the month of:

May – September $115
October $100
November $85
December $70
January $55
February $40
March $25
April $115 (first year’s dues and one month free!)

Signature Membership

Signature Membership reflects the recognition of the quality of your work through a juried process. You must first become an Associate Member by submitting an Application and paying the appropriate dues. Then submit five pieces of artwork that represent a consistent body of your work to an anonymous Review Committee that meets at announced times during a year. Upon gaining acceptance as a Signature Member, you will be billed to bring your dues up to Signature level. Review dates and additional details are listed on the Signature Review web page.

Out-of-Town Membership

Out-of-Town membership is for individuals residing 75 miles or more from Cincinnati. Members only pay $45 and membership keeps you on the Roster and entitles you to receive the Dragonfly newsletter but excludes attendance at most ongoing activities. But, if you’re in town let us know and feel free to attend any scheduled activity along with local membership.

Annual Dues - Payable May 1 Each Year

Regardless of when you become a Member, membership fees are due May 1 of every year. For unpaid Dues, Member names will be removed from the Roster on July 1 of every year. Please use the Membership Renewal Form to pay Dues or to make changes to update your address, email, phone, or website. Please also let us know if you would prefer to receive information via regular mail or email. You’re welcome to print out the Form and mail it attention Membership at the Cincinnati Art Club or include the Form information in an email addressed to the Membership Chairperson.