Continuing Education

Member Discounted, Open to the Public–
The Cincinnati Art Club is proud to be starting a series of continuing education classes with instructors from among the CAC’s own members. We have many fine artists who have been teaching for years and we will now be hosting their classes within our own facility. Instruction will be in various media and will be offered to members and non-members alike. See the class listing for time, date and supplies needed. Be sure to check back here often to see what new instructional opportunities we will offer.

Techniques of Cincinnati Art Club Masters– Marlene Steele

Learn from the Masters as they did, by copying works and applying what you learn to your current work. This special course series will draw on works in the Permanent Collection of the Cincinnati Art Club, chosen by the instructor to reinforce techniques used even to this day. Students will use multiple media and each “topic” will involve copying a piece and then applying the experience to a real still life, portrait or full figure, live model. Course taught by Marlene Steele, a 30-year+ experienced art teacher, working artist and student of Aileen McCarthy, who was a student of Frank Duveneck. Marlene is a member of various art associations with an established network of contacts across the region and country, an alumna of the Cincinnati Art Academy, and owner of Steele Studios. Steele’s works are exhibited widely throughout the region and the U.S. Among her many awards and recognitions, Steele was the recent recipient of the “Individual Excellence Award” from the Ohio Arts Council.

A Single 10-week Session
February 16 – April 10, 2023
Thursday Afternoons, 3:00 to 5:30 PM

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Figure Drawing– Carin Hebenstreit

Carin Hebenstreit has painted portraits of some of the most famous citizens of our city and has been teaching both figurative drawing and portrait painting at the Cincinnati Art Academy for 30 years. Her approach will teach you how to see into the personality– filled with memories, feelings, and attitudes. You will learn how to see the movement and swing of a model’s body, and how to draw figures using values to pull body shapes into a whole. Carin knows all the tricks to bring your art up to the next level. Whether you are a student of figurative art, create landscapes or paint still life, this drawing class will help you see and make you a better artist.

Monday Mornings, 9:00 to 11:30 AM

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