Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

How do I get to the Cincinnati Art Club

The Cincinnati Art Club is located at the foot of Mt. Adams at the corner of Martin Drive and Parkside Place adjacent to Eden Park. A neighbor to one of the most popular Cincinnati parks, home to the Cincinnati Art Museum, the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park and the Krohn Conservatory, Eden Park provides the Art Club easy access to any number of city landmarks, scenic overlooks and landscape features perfect for artistic pursuits.

Our address is 1021 Parkside Place, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202. You can use the Map/Directions page to get a map and specific driving directions.

For public transportation, call Cincinnati Metro for ride information at 513-621-4455 or view maps and schedules online at

See also the Map | Directions page.

What is the Winter weather policy?

We usually follow the Winter Schedule of the Cincinnati Public Schools, but for weekend activities this does not hold. We will email all members cancellation notifications for regularly scheduled activities and you may also check our Calendar of Events web page, we will post the information as soon as we know.


How do I become a Member of CAC

To become a Member, simply email your name, address, phone number and referral member’s name, if applicable, to our Membership Chairperson, click to Email. The Chairperson will respond sending you an application as well as explain the process to you, including arrangements for you to attend a Dinner Meeting, Critique or Sketch Group session before making a final decision to join. Becoming an Associate member is the starting point for all new members and will require submission of an application, payment of the annual dues and awaiting approval by the Board of Trustees.

To Become a Signature Member…

Applicable to Associate members only: You must email the Signature Review Committee,, ahead of review time, expressing your wish to submit work. Submit five pieces of art, suitable for exhibition, to the anonymous Review Committee which meets two times a year.  When you are accepted at the Signature level you will need to pay the difference in annual dues between Associate and Signature level. Review dates and additional details are listed on the Signature Status Review page on our website.

Reoccuring Activities

When are Dinner Meetings and how do I sign up?

Dinner or Brunch Programs are held on the third Wednesday evening (Dinner) or Saturday morning (Brunch) of the month during the Club’s regular season (September – May). Check the Club Calendar for that month’s scheduled Program. The May meeting is open to Members Only, it is our Annual Business Meeting. There are no Dinner Programs in June, July or August.

We must have an accurate head count for all Dinners so reservations are required. The Reservation Deadline is 4:00 PM on the Friday prior to the meeting. If you make a Reservation and cannot attend, please cancel, you will be charged for the meal if you do not. Price of meals are payable by check only at the door.

Dinner meeting hours:
6:00 PM Fellowship
6:45 PM Food Service
7:30 PM Program

There is a “Pemanent List” for Dinner Reservations.
The Hospitality Chairperson maintains a Permanent List for Reservations, email to put your name on the list and have a Reservation for the entire Season. You must renew annually.

What are the Sketch Group meeting days and times?

Sketch Group meets twice weekly on Monday afternoon and Thursday evening.

Mondays: l:00 – 4:30 pm
Thursdays: 7:00 – 9:30 pm

Sketch Group is open to all Members, 18 years of age or older (or with parental permission, if younger that 18 years old). Sketch Group is a life modeling session that weekly alternates between Figure (nude or clothed) and Portrait (clothed single pose, usually seated, sometime in costume).

The Sketch Group Facilitator’s contact information is listed on the Club Management web page, or for your convenience– Sketch Group.

What are the Critique Group meeting days and times?

Critique Group meets once a month on the first Tuesday evening.

First Tuesday– Critique Group 7:00 – about 9:00 pm

The Critique is run by Signature Members and is an open forum, where all are able to participate, and it helps members improve their work. It also can be beneficial for Associate Members who are wanting to apply for Signature membership.

The Critique Group contact information is listed on the Club Management web page, or for your convenience– Critique Group.

Where and when is the annual Duveneck Memorial Service?

An annual tradition of visiting Duveneck’s grave site is held each Memorial Day, the last Monday of May. It is a fitting memorial to one of our most outstanding early members and includes a brief ceremonial reading of previous tributes by Club members, past and present. We invite participation and welcome any member wanting to attend this annual visitation and eulogy.

We meet at Mother of God Cemetery in Covington at 10:00 am. The Memorial Service usually lasts no longer than 30 minutes.

Directions from Cincinnati: Take I-471 South to I-275 West towards the airport, Exit 80 to Left on Route 17/Madison Pike to Covington, Go 1.7 miles to Right into Mother of God Cemetery opposite Jackson Florist, Enter first available entrance to Right at first intersection, Proceed past the Cemetery administration building. You will arrive at a circle with a large sculpted Crucifix in the center. Duveneck’s grave is to the right marked by a large red marble stone.


Who is eligible to exhibit?

Exhibiting members are EXPECTED to “Gallery Sit” shows during the year or provide other services to the Exhibition Committee! Get involved! Contact the Exhibitions Chairperson to help hang shows, facilitate the reception, or staff an exhibition day.

General Requirements – All exhibitors are expected to be CAC Members in good standing. You must be of the appropriate membership level to qualify for the show being held. All works submitted should have been completed in the last two years and preferably ones that have not been exhibited in a previous CAC show. Work shown in Signature, Associate, Sketch Group and Critique Shows are eligible for submission to ViewPoint. Due to space limitations, the Exhibitions Committee reserves the right to exclude or limit srtwork of any exhibitor submitting more than one oversized piece, in shows that allow multiple submissions.

Signature Member Exhibitions– One recent piece per Signature Member, per show. Two shows annually– Fall (September), & Spring (May).

Associate Member Exhibitions– Two recent pieces per Associate Member, per show. One show annually– usually in October.

Sketch Group Exhibition– Three recent pieces per CAC Sketch Group attendee, per show. All submissions must be based on the model and started in a Sketch Group session. One show annually– usually in March.

Critique Group Exhibition– Three recent pieces per CAC Critique Group attendee, per show. All submissions must have been reviewed in a Critique Group session. One show annually– usually in February.

All work is expected to remain until the end of the show. Works that are sold may be picked up by the purchaser as the show closes, or arrangements can be made for delivery.

Sale of all artwork is between the ARTIST and the PURCHASER. It is hoped that the participating artist may wish to DONATE a portion of the sale price to the Club in place of commission charges.

How does the work need to be presented?

All hanging artwork must be professionally framed using screw eyes or mirror hangers and wire. No “sawtooth” hangers or rivets attached to cardboard backing will be accepted. Edges of “wrap” canvasses must be painted in continuation of the painting on the front surface or a solid color. No “WET PAINT” will be accepted. Sculpture must be labeled on the bottom or a non-viewable location and easily placed in the gallery.

Each submission must have the two-part CAC Exhibition Entry Form firmly attached to the top back of the work, taped at the top of the form with ONE PIECE of tape only. Please be sure to fill out both sections of the form and that your information is legible. The Committee will remove the bottom section for use in preparing the gallery tags and list. Include the PRICE or “NFS” (Not for Sale), we do not list POR (Price On Request). These forms are available in the CAC hall stationery cabinet.

What is the Deadline for Drop Off?

Artwork must be dropped off at the Art Club during the two Sketch Group periods. They are Thursday (7:00-9:30 PM) and Monday (1:00-4:00 PM), 8 days and 4 days prior to the Opening of the Show. The Sketch Group Facilitator will be at the Club during those periods to allow drop off and answer questions. Any work dropped off after the deadline will not be eligible for inclusion in the exhibit.

What would keep my work from being displayed?

The Exhibition Committee reserves the right to exclude any artwork that does not meet the above guidelines.  Our goal is to have the freshest, best examples of our Member’s original work and to present to the viewing public the highest degree of professionalism in all of our exhibitions.  Any questions regarding exhibitions should be directed to the Exhibition Chairman.

What is the Deadline for Pick Up?

Artwork MUST be picked up on the Monday or Thursday Sketch Group sessions following the last day of the exhibition. If you cannot pick up or deliver your artwork, please make arrangements with a fellow artist to do it for you. Storage space is LIMITED, any pieces left past two weeks after the close of show will become the property of the Cincinnati Art Club.

Special Events

How do I get a Prospectus for ViewPoint?

ViewPoint is held in late summer or early fall each year and is open to all artists who wish to apply. ViewPoint is a National Juried Art Competition and Show. ViewPoint applications are usually made through Call for Entry (CAFé ) online. If you are already a CAFé  user, you should get notices from them when ViewPoint entry period starts and is about to close. You can also look at the ViewPoint Page on our website to download the Prospectus/Entry Form when available. You can contact ViewPoint to get more information or to add your name to the mailing list for future ViewPoint shows.

How can I participate in the Club's Annual Christmas Sale?

Any Signature Member interested in having a space is eligible. It is a first come, first serve basis and spaces will be assigned based on a lottery type drawing.

Only Signature Members may participate. There are 25 spaces, 4 ft. wide x 8 ft. high. Spaces may not be shared. The Fee is $30.00 per space plus the Club takes a 20% commission. The fee is non-refundable and will be used for advertising the event.

Artists are expected to be present some of the time as shoppers typically enjoy meeting the artists. A wait list is maintained by the Committee Chair and they may be contacted at Holiday Sale.

The Holiday Sale is open to the public and provides a wonderful opportunity for people to find the perfect, unique, one-of-a-kind gift of original art at an extremely reasonable price. Bringing friends to the Holiday Sale is encouraged.

How do I become a Featured Artist?

Each month of the year we have a Featured Artist exhibit their work in our Lobby. If you would like to be the Featured Artist, submit your name to Exhibitions. You can hang somewhere between 6 and 10 pieces on the Lobby walls. We ask that you feature large pieces with bold color opposite the entry doors for highest visibility. Your name will also appear in the outdoor marquee at the Club’s entrance. Both Signature and Associate Members are invited to participate.