ART for Kids

The Wessel Gallery, named after the distinguished artists, hosts numerous exhibitions and events.

Why would an organization of adult artists be concerned about art for kids?

Yes, most of our programs are for adult artists. But we also have a commitment to young artists too. An example is our annual High School Plein Air Competition or our College Art Education Scholarships.  What else can we do to encourage young artists to consider how art might play a part in their future lives?

This summer, the Cincinnati Art Club will open the Summer ART for Kids Experience. We will be looking for art students in Grades 3, 4, 5, and 6. This will be a fun, but serious art experience, led by certified elementary art teachers.

Students in the CAC ART for Kids will learn both art history and art fundamentals. While this is an educational art program, the instructors will make it fun. 

This just in…

This year’s ART for Kids program has SOLD OUT with support from the Cincinnati Public Schools. Up to 20 lucky students from various CPS Grade Schools will be attending the 6-week experience.

CPS Student Application Form

CPS Parents’ Guide

About CAC ART for Kids

The class will be limited to just 20 kids, we need 15 to run the program.

Students in the CAC “Art for Kids” will learn both art history and art fundamentals. It is a 6-week experience, meeting one day a week on Tuesdays, June 6th through July 18th (no classes the week of the July 4 Holiday). The class runs from 9 am to 3 pm, with drop off 1/2 hour before and pick up within 1 hour afterwards. The schedule and topics are:

Week 1: Featured artist, Jim Dine. Art fundamental: Color. 

Week 2: Featured artist, Georgia O’Keefe. Art fundamentals: Line and Value.

Week 3: Featured artist, Alberto Giacometti. Art fundamental: Form.

Week 4: Featured artist, Pablo Picasso. Art fundamentals: Texture and Space.

Week 5: Folk art with Grandma Moses. Art fundamentals: Shape. 

Week 6: Wrap up projects and assemble Language of Art books. 

Registration and more information is on Eventbrite.


The classes start at 9:00 and go to the lunch break when the students can eat, play and get to know each other. Marin picks up after lunch with a Guest Teacher from the Club to demonstrate and lead another project based on the guest teacher’s approach to art. Students must furnish their own paint shirt or apron, their lunch, and drink—all art supplies are provided at no extra cost. Classes end at 3:00.

CAC ART for Kids is priced competitively at $350 – compare this to hiring a babysitter for this same amount of time, it most likely total more than what we are charging for a professionally-taught educational experience. We are publicizing this program to every elementary school in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. These kids will have a leg up on their classmates when schools open this Fall.

To Qualify for Help–

If you have a financial need, partial scholarships may be available for this program. Please contact Gary Eith for additional information and an application form.