AFAL Lifetime Achievement Awards

The Wessel Gallery, named after the distinguished artists, hosts numerous exhibitions and events.

Excerpts from President Christine Kuhr’s presentations: 

You remember the ten commandments. The fourth one… “Honour thy father and mother.” To honor is a big deal. It made the top ten list. “Honor” that is one of the things we’re doing tonight. Honoring two Past Presidents of the Cincinnati Art Club. Now, their lives were larger than what they did for the Club… but we want you to see how art played out in their lives… it’s an example of how art can play out in any life.

Our first honoree is KAY WORZ, she is an Signature Member of the Club and was President from 2008-2010…

“Mrs. Kowalski, Kay’s mother, raised her kids by day, and was a portrait painter by night. She knew that planting the seed of ART would pay off many times over. She hired an art teacher to teach art one day a week. She gave them good art supplies and stood back… kind of like putting gasoline on an ART fire.”

“But what I’m trying to tell you… is that artistic seed your mother gave you, it ignited a love of creating that took hold of you and your family, and throughout your life you have continued to strengthen that creative muscle, by exercising it in everything you do. And it has given you ART for a Lifetime, that is why we are honoring you tonight.”

On behalf of the Cincinnati Art Club, the Artistic Spirit you Embody, and the love you’ve show your family, and your artist family… please except this… Art for a Lifetime Award.

Our second honoree is to ROGER HEUCK. He has been involved with the Cincinnati Art Club for many years and is an Honorary Signature Member and President from 1995-1998…

“Along comes grandson Roger… Siting at the kitchen table, listen to WW2 on the radio… we find little Roger drawing stick figures as Grandma Matilda laments, ‘If only your Uncle John were alive, HE would be teaching you how to draw… artist JOHN Henry Twachtman… Roger happens to be the great grandnephew of Twachtman, Famous dude, the whole nine yards…”

“But wait… on his father side, there is artist Edward Gustav Eisenlohr, painted scenes in Texas, and New Mexico and founder of the Dallas Museum of Art…”

“The list of accomplishments for the Club goes on and on… but Roger, for each venture, you have brought people together, you’ve showed no bounds to your generosity of time, spirit, and friendship. Whether it started in the kitchen with Grandma Matilda drawing stick figures, or came down through your DNA, your passion has graced us with a lifetime of art in a style that collects artists and furthers everyone’s growth.”

On behalf of the Cincinnati Art Club and its members, please except this… Art for a Lifetime Award.




The Cincinnati Art Club is honored to award these two Past Presidents Art for a Lifetime Achievement Awards–

Honoree Kay Worz 

Honoree Roger Heuck