2024 Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to our 2023-24 Scholarship Award winners!

The Cincinnati Art Club Scholarship Committee invited Fine Art students from Northern Kentucky University, University of Cincinnati, Xavier University, Mt. St. Joseph, Thomas More, and the Art Academy of Cincinnati to submit artwork for scholarship. There were 18 participants. The committee had hard decisions to make as we evaluated the work. The following are excerpts from the selected winners:

Andriana Mellinger– $1500 Scholarship
 Adriana is a student at Northern Kentucky university, whose expected graduation is 2027.  She hails from Brandenburg, Ky. and says that she has moved frequently and finds the world an ever-changing place. So, she finds that she appreciates places and then tries to capture those places and feelings in her art.

Claire Sinsley– $1000 Scholarship
Claire is a student at the Art Academy of Cincinnati and her expected date of graduation is 2026. She lives in Cincinnati. She describes a life of victimhood and PTSD and states she has outgrown her victimhood; but she does utilize it in her art.

Aly Senger– $750 Scholarship
Aly is a Northern Kentucky University student and her expected date of graduation in 2025. In her statement her art reflects her feelings about life, death, grief, and womanhood. She considers her struggle with falling in and out of eating disorder recovery and her connection to her grandma, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer and a fading memory, as themes for her art.