February 2023 All-Member Meeting

February 18, 2023, 12:30 PM–
The Cincinnati Art Club membership met for a presentation to inform attendees of a proposal to renovate the CAC building exterior.

Now a New Clubhouses Exterior to clarify we are VISUAL ARTISTS
Our building is in a prime location on one of the entries to both Mt. Adams and Eden Park. Our building should reflect our brand to those who pass by. We need to look like who we are … a leading visual arts organization of Greater Cincinnati. We want our building to be a source of great pride for all Members of the Club.

Progress to Date
Two consecutive Boards have been working with a sub-committee under the leadership of Joe Stewart, Chair of House & Property, to define this project. It was decided to limit the scope to only upgraded exterior and grounds, to keep needed fundraising within manageable levels. The sub-committee engaged the services of Mt. Adams architect Greg Tilsley to design the new appearance and produce construction documents. These were taken to Trade 31, the small projects division of HGC Contractors, to put together a preliminary estimate of the costs.

Board Member Christine Kuhr, Development Committee Chair, has recently formed another sub-committee to explore how to raise the necessary funds. Some of these plans were presented at the All-Member Meeting.

Click on the above image to see the All-Member Meeting slide presentation